Update KRYPT06252013A: Post-Update Database Changes

  • UPDATE core_formfields SET section='Billing Address' WHERE section='Address' AND (form='core.accountmaint' OR form='core.createaccount')
  • UPDATE core_stateprov SET taxrate='6.000' WHERE id='Maryland'
  • UPDATE core_country SET iseu='0' WHERE id='UK - Channel Islands'
  • UPDATE core_namespaces SET hreftype='Non-SSL' WHERE id='ecom.procgwresp'
  • UPDATE core_namespaces SET hreftype='' WHERE id='ecom.xmodgooglebase'
  • DELETE FROM core_messages WHERE id='cms.invalidpage' OR id='ecom.invaliditem'
  • DELETE FROM core_incphp WHERE id='cms.pagenotfound'
  • UPDATE ecom_gateway SET fieldtotal='xxxVar3', refurlstr='http' WHERE id='internetsecure'
  • UPDATE ecom_gateway SET fieldtotal='AMOUNT' WHERE id='epdqform'
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