ClickCartPro 8 & EuropaCart 8 Update: KRYPT09082012A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT10012012A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • Fixed muliple display and ajax update issues with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE7 and MSIE8) on older Windows platforms. Issues fixed include setting a delay for form field updates on SSL pages to give the browser time to update selections due to browser standards bug (MSIE7 and MSIE8), rendering of third-level drop down menus due to browser opactity bug (MSIE7), rendering of form buttons as inline-block elements due to browser CSS support bug (MSIE7).
  • Modified the Shipping Estimator to update shipping estimates without using a cache after estimator address changes when the shopping cart was not modified.
  • Added access for admin level management interface users to the related and relatedjs namespaces to allow full updating of products for both superusers and admins.
  • Added support for non-required file upload options for products and adjusted the allowed file types list to support more file formats, as well as altered the timing of shopping cart error messages for uploads.
  • Removed a link on the update account profile page that pointed to the account overview page when accessed via checkout with incomplete user information.
  • Added a longer delay for window load functions after ajax calls to ensure all images are loaded prior to re-executing window load functions.
  • Modified the Batch Order Management extension module packing list display to include the standard printable display header.
  • Adjusted styles for the advanced management interface to make the windows a bit smaller to increase compatibility with different screen resolutions.
  • Adjusted the timing of payouts of loyalty points earned for orders by ensuring points are only paid out once orders achieve a completed status. This will give time for store owners to handle items like returns and backorders prior to paying out earned loyalty points.
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