ClickCartPro 7 & EuropaCart 7 Update: KRYPT09302009A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT10062009A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • Added support for Google Checkout. This brand new integration fully supports Google Checkout using a number of advanced features. In addition to providing full integration with the Google Checkout shopping cart, the software now supports realtime discount, shipping and tax calculations, as well as order and update notifications.
  • Added support for Royal Mail and Parcelforce using a new zone-based shipping method for products. The new zone-based shipping method allows assignment of countries to shipping zones and supports flexible rate calculations based on those zones, and weight and dimension calculations. Data files for both Royal Mail and Parcelforce are now available on the Kryptronic Software Downloads page.
  • Added support for the PayPal PayFlowPro gateway. Now supports the PayPal PayFlowPro, PayPal Website Standards Pro (Express & Direct) and PayPal Standard methods.
  • Added support for the SagePay Direct gateway. Now supports the SagePay Direct and HTML methods.
  • Modified the Joomla! integration to fully support all known custom and off-the-shelf Joomla! templates. The Joomla! skin was updated to accomplish this.
  • Modified the Joomla! integration to fully support all known single-sign-on configurations. The integration now supports additional single-sign-on modules that may be installed in Joomla! including jfusion. During development we configured and tested an installation consisting of the software, Joomla! (with jfusion installed) and Kayako, which worked flawlessly.
  • Improved combined shipment logic dramatically to provide more accurate shipping quotes. Modified the shipping package formulation function to split and provide a weight limit for packages, and to adjust dimensions in a volumetric fashion.
  • Added support for United States Parcel Service (USPS) commercial products.
  • Updated the Google Analytics code used by the software to communicate with Google.
  • Added support for currency code use in the PayPal Standard gateway.
  • Updated offline credit card gateway. This fixed an error which prevented order confirmations.
  • Updated WYSIWYG editor in the management interface to support inputting images via URL.
  • Updated audition links in the management interface to display URLs when using the Web 2.0 interface.
  • Adjusted the management interface displays to make them easier to read, and moved orders to their own main menu item in the store component.
  • The management interface was updated so it now remembers user interface selections (Web 2.0 or Standard) between login attempts.
  • Changed core logic regarding loading settings. Now all settings for all installed components are loaded by the core to allow for easy settings access between components.
  • Changed core logic regarding rounding prices. Now all rounding is independent of PHP mathmatical functions. This avoids PHP errors when working with numbers beyond it's capacity.
  • Changed all relationship-type fields to TEXT column types to support large entries.
  • Changed form error handling to provide different emphasis on required, incomplete select fields.
  • Changed internal logic for displaying states and provinces. The management interface now displays all available states and provinces whereas the frontend is dependent on the display flags for each entry. This allows easy flipping of locale via Raw SQL statements.
  • Default permissions for the software installer were changed to 777. The 755 level previously used proved difficult to work with on many popular servers (including Plesk servers).
  • Added support for Bing in the SiteMap extension module. Auto-submission of sitemap XML file locations to Bing is now supported.
  • Updated T-HUB extension module to accurate XML responses to newer T-HUB requests. This fixed an error which prevents successful communication in some cases.
  • Updated ShipEstimator extension module. This fixed an error when using it on the products page.
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