Update KRYPT10022007A: Post-Update Database Changes

The following SQL statements are required for this update:

  • UPDATE ccp0_prod SET minquan='0', maxquan='0'
  • UPDATE khxc_settings SET VALUE='172800' WHERE id='khxc.time_store_stats'
  • DELETE FROM khxc_stats
  • DELETE FROM khxc_modules WHERE class='CCP_Docs' OR class='GBU_DemoStore' OR class='KHXC_Docs'

In the event the demo store items reappear in your store, you can execute these statements to remove the demo store entries:

  • DELETE FROM ccp0_prod WHERE id='DESKTOP1001' OR id='DESKTOP1002' OR id='DESKTOP1003' OR id='DESKTOP1004' OR id='HDD1005' OR id='HDD1006' OR id='HDD1007' OR id='MONITOR1008' OR id='MONITOR1009' OR id='BUILD1001'
  • DELETE FROM ccp0_cat WHERE id='BuildYourOwn' OR id='PCs' OR id='DeskPCs' OR id='GamePCs' OR id='HDD' OR id='scsiHDD' OR id='pcmciaHDD' OR id='eideHDD' OR id='MONITOR'
  • DELETE FROM ccp0_prodoptions WHERE id='pc_sechdd' OR id='build_cpu' OR id='build_hdd' OR id='build_memory' OR id='build_cdrom' OR id='build_soundcard' OR id='build_videocard' OR id='build_specins'
  • DELETE FROM ccp0_prodoptionsel WHERE id='pc_sechdd.none' OR id='build_cpu.1.0' OR id='build_cpu.900' OR id='build_cpu.1.2' OR id='build_cpu.1.4' OR id='build_cpu.1.6' OR id='build_hdd.10' OR id='build_hdd.20' OR id='build_hdd.40' OR id='build_hdd.80' OR id='pc_sechdd.20' OR id='pc_sechdd.40' OR id='pc_sechdd.80' OR id='build_memory.128' OR id='build_memory.64' OR id='build_memory.256' OR id='build_memory.512' OR id='build_cdrom.24cd' OR id='build_cdrom.16cd' OR id='build_cdrom.48cd' OR id='build_cdrom.6rw' OR id='build_cdrom.24rw' OR id='build_cdrom.12dvd' OR id='build_cdrom.24dvd' OR id='build_soundcard.32' OR id='build_soundcard.16' OR id='build_soundcard.64' OR id='build_videocard.16' OR id='build_videocard.8' OR id='build_videocard.32agp' OR id='build_videocard.32pci'
  • DELETE FROM ccp0_dynforms WHERE id='feedback'
  • DELETE FROM ccp0_dynformfields WHERE id='feedback.fname' OR id='feedback.lname' OR id='feedback.email' OR id='feedback.phone' OR id='feedback.orderstatus' OR id='feedback.ordernum' OR id='feedback.whereheard' OR id='feedback.contact' OR id='feedback.comments'
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