ClickCartPro 7 & EuropaCart 7 Update: KRYPT12212011A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT05242012A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • Modified FedEx DirectConnect connection configuration dialog to avert errors seen with recent FedEx changes.
  • Added support for UPS Online Tools negotiated rates. A new setting allows users to select whether or not to use negotiated rates from UPS, if their UPS account has negotiated rates, and UPS has been authorized to return them to UPS Online Tools.
  • Modified the tax calculation logic in checkout to calculate taxes on shipping (when applicable), regardless of the tax exemption status of items.
  • Corrected PCI compliance issue with form field encoding on the checkout login page.
  • Modified Google Checkout button code to ensure proper detection of SSL status on all servers.
  • Modified the cart module to check the contents of the cart after item deletions and populate the cart global when saving for sanity check purposes.
  • Modified order summary displays to use non-rounded item prices for calculations to prevent VAT rounding errors when displaying prices inclusive of VAT.
  • Added sanity checks to totals in checkout to avert issues with VAT rounding when displaying prices inclusive of VAT.
  • Modified the VAT tax number authentication logic to better handle inputs with and without country codes as prefixes.
  • Updated the 'PayPal (Payflow Pro) - Secure Server' gateway code to transmit both the first and last name of the customer, instead of transmitting it in a combined field.
  • Updated the 'PayPal (Pro Express Method)' gateway code to add recurring billing support, and add support for orders without shipping information.
  • Modified the management interface JavaScript libraries to better support MSIE9.
  • Modified the main JavaScript library to replace Mootools Slimbox with Jquery Fancybox, and to provide better SSL detection on some servers for Google Analytics.
  • Modified Product Detail Displays with images to use a Jquery Fancybox popup for extra large images, instead of a Mootools Slimbox popup. This was done to better support MSIE9.
  • Modified daily cron so that it will fail silently if an error is detected during the normal cron run.
  • Increased maximum execution time for the program from 120 seconds to 320 seconds in order to allow for extremely large data exports from the management interface.
  • Added support for LONGTEXT type fields in the MySQL extensions to the Database module.
  • Added support for timeouts, with a default of 25 seconds for all cURL-based requests processed through the Remote module.
  • Added secure flag to cookies which are created on SSL connections to help with PCI compliance scans on some servers.
  • Corrected issue with the Batch Order Management (BOM) extension module which did not fully delete orders when deletion was selected within the module.
  • Enhanced the FollowUp extension module to allow for the sending of follow up messages for all products using a wildcard.
  • Modified the GoogleBase extension module to round up inventory levels when present to handle cases where partial items are inventoried (fractional).
  • Modified the Reviews extension module to prevent the display of reviews which have not been approved.
  • Added support for Joomla! 2.5.
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