ClickCartPro 7.1 RELEASED!

Dear ClickCartPro Users,

Our engineers continue to work around the clock to make your investment in ClickCartPro the best money you've ever spent on your business.

We're pleased to announce that a new version of ClickCartPro 7, version 7.1, is now shipping and we've added a bunch of cool news things to our already robust feature set. Plus, we're also pleased to announce our new ClickCartPro Amnesty program. From now until November 1, 2009, anyone with ClickCartPro 5.x or ClickCartPro 6 can upgrade to the new software for only $99.99. For current ClickCartPro 7 users, updating to the new software is a snap - and it's free! No matter which version of ClickCartPro you're currently running... if you'd like to make a big splash on your site for the holiday season, there's simply no better way than to reinvigorate your shopping cart using ClickCartPro 7.

Version 7.1 now features:

  • Google Checkout Support
  • Payflow Pro Gateway Support
  • Royal Mail (Zone Shipping) Support
  • Sagepay Direct Support
  • Parcelforce Support
  • Added support for USPS Priority and Express Commercial rates and Commercial rate handling
  • Google Analytics Improvements
  • Now, when you create a product, the link for that product is displayed instantly so that you can paste it into and outside app or test it
  • Further Joomla Integration and support
  • Bing Support Added To Sitemap

These new features are in addition to the already exciting ClickCartPro 7 feature set which includes:

  • Joomla Integration- Add A Powerful Shopping Cart To Any Joomla Site
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editors- Now, anyone can write HTML and make your pages pop!
  • Cool New Dashboard- See your Daily, Monthly, and Yearly traffic, sales, and order totals every morning when you sign on!
  • Better Quickbooks Integration- Now you can import orders for new and existing clients!
  • Euro Support- Supports EU gateways, taxes and shippers right out of the box.
  • Powerful New Getting Started Guide- Walks you through each facet of setting up a store... even helps you augment your skin without knowing PHP!
  • New Relationship Upgrade- This is a huge timesaver! Now when you have to select related products, categories, options, etc... you simply click a checkbox beside the appropriate entry... no longer must you cut and paste!
  • Added Sage Accounting Order Export
  • Multi-tiered Interface- Now you can run several windows at the same time, so your productivity will increase!

To upgrade your ClickCartPro 5.x or ClickCartPro 6 site to ClickCartPro 7.1, just click below:

Upgrade ClickCartPro 5.x or 6.0 to ClickCartPro 7.1

To update your ClickCartPro 7.0 site to ClickCartPro 7.1, just click below:

Update ClickCartPro 7.0 to ClickCartPro 7.1

Our Custom Shop shop is available if you need, minor or major improvements to your web site when you do the changeover to ClickCartPro 7. We'll be there with accurate quotes and a team of designers that will understand your needs, offer helpful advice, and provide you with stunning results... all at the price we promised! Just call us toll free at 800 704 4160 for details.

Video support now available.

We've been busy in the studio cooking up helpful support videos that answer so many of the questions we receive each day. We haven't yet posted these on the Kryptronic website, but you can view our videos by going to YouTube and searching for ClickCartPro. You'll find helpful videos on:

  • Setting Up Categories
  • Product and Product Option Explanation
  • Installing ClickCartPro
  • Adding 100 or 1000 products to ClickCartPro
  • Importing Your Old CCP store into CCP 7

If you have questions, don't hesitate to call our toll free 800 704 4160 or email us

We'll be keeping our ears open for your comments and suggestions...

We value your business. We value your trust. And we'll do everything we can to make your interaction with Kryptronic professional, hassle-free, and greatly beneficial to your core business.

Thanks for being our customers

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