ClickCartPro 7 Release Announced

This article pertains to the next version of ClickCartPro - version 7. We have been working on version 7 since early last summer (2008) in secret as many of the changes in the system are quite revolutionary and will put ClickCartPro in a position way above our competitors when launched.

This message serves as a notice to all users of the impending launch of version 7 and provides a few screenshots of the new ajax-based management interface as well as a brief list of highlights regarding the release.

New Feature Highlights

The following list is an abbreviated highlight list of what we've got in ClickCartPro 7. You'll see that we've completely overhauled the system to make it much easier to user and understand and have taken user comments and requests into great consideration while working on the new software:

  1. Major architectural changes to make the entire platform faster, more efficient and easier to work with and extend.
  2. New Web 2.0 management interface with Ajax windows and multitasking. This increases productivity as the interface acts like an operating system now.
  3. New standard management interface which includes all of the functionality in the new Ajax interface without the need to have a browser with JavaScript turned on.
  4. Simplified management interface functions and dashboards which are easier to use and less technical.
  5. New productivity tools like relationship managers and wysiwyg editors.
  6. Use of MooTools instead of Scriptaculous for all JavaScript which increases browser support and efficiency.
  7. Display system completely rebuilt to make use of Skin Widgets and common skins for all components.
  8. Expanded Quickbooks functionality to include inventory and customer management functionality.
  9. Built in support for Google Analytics and MooTools-based JavaScript tools.
  10. Support for new XMODs including a batch shipping, advanced order management, a news feeder and a Google Base export.
  11. Direct integration with Joomla!
  12. New product option and form fields types like file uploads.
  13. Expanded CMS functionality including permissions on webpages.
  14. Expanded the state/province and country tax systems to include up to five levels of taxes, exemptions for disabilities and digital goods, and support for non-standard systems like those in the EU, Canada and Austrailia.
  15. Full support in the base program for EU VAT. The new EU VAT system is more efficient than the one in version 6 and works with multi-rated products and product options.
  16. New order total adjustments in checkout include tax refunds and custom surcharges (the inverse of custom sales).

There are other bits of *candy* peppered throughout the program that are not listed here - these are simply the highlights to give you a taste of what's to come in the next couple of weeks. A more complete features list will be published on the release date.

Community Forums Topic

A topic on the community forums has been created to allow ClickCartPro users to discuss and ask questions about the new release. You can view the topic by following the link below.

ClickCartPro 7 Topic on the Community Forums

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