CCP6UK Users Urged to Upgrade to EuropaCart 7

It's that time of the year again... Are you considering upgrading your CCP6UK software to capitalize on this year's holiday sales?

We know it's been a struggle over the past few years dealing with all of the problems with GreenBarnWeb, distributor of CCP6UK. We've seen firsthand how their poor customer service, and buggy mods, has hampered clients in attaining their goals.

Our focus in creating EuropaCart 7 was to provide software free of buggy GreenBarnWeb code to our European clients, and to bring support for our products once under the Kryptronic umbrella.

If you're thinking about making a change to your online store this year, we recommend you upgrade to EuropaCart 7 - the next generation of e-commerce software from Kryptronic. With EuropaCart 7, you get all the features of ClickCartPro 7, branded and localized for European use. Using the same foundation as our flagship product (ClickCartPro), EuropaCart gives your store the e-commerce capabilities it needs.

Click Here to Upgrade to EuropaCart 7.

Considering ClickCartPro XCS by GreenBarnWeb?

We have seen messages from GreenBarnWeb to former clients (like you), which are advertisements urging them to upgrade to GreenBarnWeb's new ClickCartPro XCS software. Please be aware that GreenBarnWeb is no longer an authorized distributor of Kryptronic software, and their ClickCartPro XCS software is nothing more than a PIRATED VERSION of Kryptronic's ClickCartPro 6 with modifications made by GreenBarnWeb. GreenBarnWeb has been notified to cease and desist sales of ClickCartPro XCS, as it's being sold without Kryptronic's consent in an illegal manner.

Kryptronic has published a full statement regarding this unfortunate situation:

Click Here to read the GreenBarnWeb Statement.

At Kryptronic, We Stand Behind Our Clients

We value you as a Kryptronic software clients. We look forward to working with you in the future to make your online venture all that it can be. We value your business and we prove it with our products, and our support.

Call us at 1-800-704-4160 (US Toll Free) or visit us online if you need anything at all.

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