GreenBarnWeb ClickCartProUK Distribution Partnership Terminated

Dear ClickCartPro and EuropaCart Users,

It is with regret that Kryptronic announces the termination of it's distribution partnership with GreenBarnWeb. It is the purpose of this article to provide you with information on the partnership with GreenBarnWeb, and it's termination.

Distribution Partnership Background

In 2006, GreenBarnWeb began distributing ClickCartProUK, a modified version of Kryptronic's ClickCartPro 6 software package, in the United Kingdom and Europe, in accordance with a distribution agreement with Kryptronic.

Between 2006 and 2009, Kryptronic fielded a number of support requests relating to European features that were added to the ClickCartProUK program, which were not functioning properly. GreenBarnWeb was not supporting the modifications they made to our software adequately, and many of the modifications were incomplete, incorrectly coded, or simply poorly implemented. When we began building ClickCartPro 7 and EuropaCart 7, we did a full audit of the ClickCartProUK program and determined the best course of action for our clients was to program many of the European features needed by our clients directly into our base software program so as to ensure they worked properly.

In 2009, when Kryptronic released ClickCartPro 7 and EuropaCart 7, we were unable to settle on a new distribution agreement with GreenBarnWeb for the new software. Kryptronic and GreenBarnWeb disagreed on how to mutually support the new software going forward, and on which new features should be made available only to GreenBarnWeb clients. As an agreement was not reached, GreenBarnWeb was authorized by Kryptronic to continue distributing their modified version of Kryptronic's ClickCartPro 6 software package as ClickCartProUK indefinitely.

Partnership Termination

Since the release of ClickCartPro 7 and EuropaCart 7 in 2009, GreenBarnWeb has been in breach of our distribution agreement, and has not acted in a manner which is expected of a Kryptronic partner:

  1. GreenBarnWeb has sent multiple electronic messages to mutual clients which make false statements about the 'ClickCartPro' trademark, about Kryptronic, and about Kryptronic software.
  2. GreenBarnWeb has programmed and begun to distribute a new software package based on Kryptronic's ClickCartPro 6 software package, which they've named ClickCartPro XCS. This new software package is a rebuild of the ClickCartProUK code with minor bells and whistles added. GreenBarnWeb built this package without Kryptronic's consent, or certification, and is distributing the software while circumventing the Kryptronic license and distribution server. GreenBarnWeb is not reporting to Kryptronic the number ClickCartPro XCS licenses distributed, and is not paying Kryptronic for licenses distributed.

Kryptronic has notified GreenBarnWeb that the distribution agreement between the two companies has been terminated, and that they are to cease and desist all distribution and sale of software based on Kryptronic software (ClickCartProUK and ClickCartPro XCS), and they are to cease and desist usage of the Kryptronic trademark 'ClickCartPro'. Access rights for GreenBarnWeb to our license and distribution server has been removed, thus disabling their ability to legally distribute ClickCartProUK licenses. GreenBarnWeb has never legally distributed ClickCartPro XCS licenses.

A Message from Nick Hendler, President of Kryptronic, Inc.

Here at Kryptronic we constantly strive to make our software better for our clients. Every day we work on developing updates and upgrades for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart clients, and we handle a ton of custom work for clients with special needs. It was in the spirit of improving our software for everyone, that we implemented a number of European features in our version 7 code.

I find it unfortunate that Howard Gaplin, the owner and operator of GreenBarnWeb, would act in the manner he has as a result of our inability to come to an agreement for distribution of our version 7 software package. All of the statements that I have seen him issue concerning this situation are highly inaccurate, extremely misleading, and borderline slanderous. The fact that he has circumvented our license and distribution server with his ClickCartPro XCS is reckless and illegal as 95% of the code in ClickCartPro XCS is Kryptronic developed ClickCartPro 6 code!

Please do not be concerned with any messages that you receive from Howard Gaplin. Any messages you may receive will certainly contain inaccurate, inflammatory language. We are actively protecting our intellectual property and appreciate your patience while we do so.

Your Questions Answered

Question: I have a ClickCartProUK license that I bought from GreenBarnWeb. What do I do?

Answer: If you have a software license which was distributed by GreenBarnWeb for ClickCartProUK, and that license begins with a 'G-', you own a legal software license maintained on the Kryptronic license and distribution server. You don't have to do anything, but we recommend you upgrade to EuropaCart 7 as your current software contains buggy GreenBarnWeb code.

Question: I bought ClickCartPro XCS from GreenBarnWeb. What do I do?

Answer: As far as Kryptronic is concerned, you are using pirated software. We recommend purchasing a EuropaCart 7 license from Kryptronic and using our ClickCartPro 6 upgrade script to upgrade from ClickCartPro XCS to EuropaCart 7. We also recommend that you contact your credit card company and issue a chargeback (ie. charge reversal) for your ClickCartPro XCS purchase from GreenBarnWeb.

Question: What is Kryptronic doing about this?

Answer: Kryptronic has issued a cease and desist statement to GreenBarnWeb, and has notified our legal team. Kryptronic is giving GreenBarnWeb the opportunity to resolve the situation prior to contacting the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). We are actively protecting our intellectual property.

You are a Valued Kryptronic Client

We value your business. We value your trust. And we'll do everything we can to make your interaction with Kryptronic professional, hassle-free, and greatly beneficial to your core business. If you have any questions regarding this article, please call or contact us through the Kryptronic Support Center.

Thanks for being our customers.

Your Friends at Kryptronic

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