KHXC Introductory Message

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Kryptronic software community. On January 8, 2007, Kryptronic released a brand new web application framework: the Kryptronic Hybrid X Core (KHXC). In addition, Kryptronic released ClickCartPro 6 as an application for the KHXC.

What is the Kryptronic Hybrid X Core (KHXC)?

The Kryptronic Hybrid X Core is a web application framework that allows web applications (like the ClickCartPro ecommerce application) to operate using a common set of programming APIs (application programming interfaces) and using a common management interface.

By installing the KHXC you enable yourself to run all the Internet site applications you need from a single management interface. All of those applications use common APIs and can communicate with each other while providing a seamless frontend experience for your end users.

What is so special about the KHXC?

The Kryptronic Hybrid X Core was built from the ground up to provide:

  • 100% standards compliant output. All of the displays generated by this program are XHTML Strict compliant and contain valid CSS code. During development every page was run through the W3C validators to ensure complete compliance.
  • Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The KHXC provides the ability to use different meta descriptions, keywords and titles on all of your generated pages and has the ability to interact with technologies like Apache mod_rewrite to give your dynamic URLs the look of static HTML pages.
  • Enhanced Search Engine experiences. The KHXC auto-recognizes web robots, spiders and crawlers and tailors output to their needs.
  • Accessibility compliance. All of the displays generated by this program are Level 1 and 2 WAI compliant. This means impaired users will have a pleasant experience interacting with the software using text-based browsers, screen readers and other non-standard devices.
  • Multiple database integrations. The KHXC uses the Kryptronic Database Engine to provide unified access to a variety of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Guided and unguided database interactivity. The KHXC provided both guided and raw access to your database providing you with both simplistic views and full control – you pick what you need when you need it.
  • Unified application management. Whether you have one or several applications installed in the KHXC, you can access all of those applications using a single management interface keeping your desktop clutter to a minimum and allowing you to interact with several applications at once.
  • Enhanced web-application security. The KHXC was built from the ground up to provide the most secure interfaces for both end users and management. The software is not vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks, script injection or any other known exploits that commonly affect web applications.
  • Full super-fast PHP code. The KHXC is written 100% in PHP without the use of any other programming languages. This allows the program to operate quickly and efficiently. When compared to other similar web applications, the KHXC is faster, more stable and more efficient. When compared to Kryptronic’s ClickCartPro 5.1, the KHXC running ClickCartpPro is nearly 400 times more efficient and produces pages in 10% of the time.
  • Unified user accounts and management. The KHXC provides applications with a centralized user repository. Users can login to one application and remained logged in to work with other applications. Management users have access to both management and frontend interfaces using the same login information.
  • Dynamic menu generation. The KHXC allows applications to use dynamic menus for frontend interfaces that allow end users to switch easily between applications and to interact with dynamic application-specific menus.

The KHXC and ClickCartPro 6 were under development for more than three years beginning in November 2003. Kryptronic would like to thank our Beta Test Team members who over that time have helped make this software everything it is. Some of the people making up the beta team own or work for companies providing directly related services to the user community such as technical support, Internet site design, web hosting or retail goods.

Kryptronic Beta Test Team

The Kryptronic beta test team is shown below with their support form ids as well as their names and email addresses.

  • Jeremy O'Connell - cyberws -
  • Todd Daubs - Todd -
  • Dave Alders - dtwg -
  • David Martin - djm0219 -
  • John Lester - jpl -
  • Steven Dovey - ZipSkins -
  • Steven Dalton-Annett - steveblueradio -
  • Jim Bob Pipes - -
  • James Coyle - jimmuk -
  • Howard Galpin - GreenbarnWeb -
  • Vinh Chau - superhero2000 -
  • James Rath - redmanstudios -
  • Preston Elder - PreZ -
  • Dave Cole - Glark -
  • Mike Simpson - Litemaster -
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