ClickCartPro 7 & EuropaCart 7 Update: KRYPT01112011A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT12212011A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • Google checkout enhanced greatly to provide limits on shipping addresses, better merchant callback support, and better handling of taxes and discounts.
  • USPS integration was updated to account for a recent change in how USPS transmits service names.
  • Checkout enhanced to provide better calculations for VAT, custom sales, surcharges and discounts when shipping is discounted.
  • VAT calculations were enhanced to avert rounding issues when VAT is included in product and option prices.
  • Breadcrumb navigation was reworked to provide exact tracking of user paths through the store.
  • PayPal Express updated for EuropaCart users, to transmit country code United Kingdom correctly for that version.
  • VAT changed to 20% for all United Kingdom locations.
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