ClickCartPro 8 & EuropaCart 8 Update: KRYPT06252013A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT07292013A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • New Google XMODs including Google RichSnippets and Google TrustedStores.
  • Account creation and guest checkout forms now include an option to collect the delivery address prior to checkout.
  • The software now produces 404 Not Found errors and correct 404 content when products, categories, html pages, new articles and dynamic forms are not found.
  • USPS integration was updated to include a ton of new services and to make it easier to add/modify/delete services in the future.
  • Added share functionality for LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Added social media links to the social media skin widget for LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
  • jQuery Slimbox Slideshow now works with jQuery CloudZoom for product images.
  • Googlebase updated to include adwords labels, adwords group, gender and age group fields.
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro updated to support API signature (new) as well as API certificate (default).
  • New gateway integrations including Plug & Pay and Realex.
  • Updated FirstData (was Linkpoint), EPDQ and InternetSecure gateway integrations.
  • You now have the ability to hide recently viewed items in the minicart and to disable the price auto-update feature on product pages.
  • You now have the option to view related items in the management interface using the old school way (textarea input or checkbox list) if you want. This will help larger stores manage related items more quickly.
  • JavaScript libraries updated to properly handle UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversions so that non-English alphabets work with Ajax functions.
  • Fully tested with MSIE 10.
  • Updated VAT number checker logic to fully support all new VAT number formats.
  • T-HUB module modified to import pricing and inventory changes from Quickbooks to the software (when enabled in T-HUB and the product numbers match between the two systems).
  • New functionality to support SSL using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SSL.
  • Modified checkout to support checkout entries with commas for custom checkout fields.
  • Made average reviews and number of reviews fields editable in the Manage Products area.
  • Changed Twitter tweet code to comply with the latest standards for posting links to Twitter.
  • Modified the related new related items display to handle long item names for relationships.
  • Adjusted error handling for CSV database file uploads where all columns are not present.
  • Modified commify functions to ensure if they are passed floating numbers they do the correct thing with them.
  • Cart checking logic was modified so that the cart and wishlist are checked individually for items in order to better handle inventory and pricing limits/changes.
  • Google Checkout module modified to send order notifications only on the CHARGING order state (previous they were sent for CHARGING, CHARGEABLE and CHARGED).
  • Modified the GoogleBase module to export items with pricing based on tax settings. This ensures that sites with VAT calculations on will send Google their pricing in the same format they show the customer (either Inc or Excl VAT).
  • Modified the GoogleBase module to ensure that only products viewable by all users are exported in the XML feed, rather than relying on user session information when the feed is generated.
  • Sites with the Batch Order Management (BOM) module installed now have the PCE (Pending Customer Emailed) status orders removed from order total reports.
  • The software importers were updated to be fully PHP 5.3 compliant.
  • Non-US currency symbols were changed to their alphabetic counterparts in the installation files to prevent installation issues with databases with non-standard encoding.
  • Channel Islands was removed from the EU in EuropaCart installations to prevent VAT being charged to Channel Islands residents.
  • The tax rate for Maryland was changed to 6%.

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