Hybrid X Core & ClickCartPro Update: KRYPT08132008A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT09112008A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • Added support for extension modules (XMODs) QuickBuy, SiteMap, AutoGC, THUB and ShipEstimator.
  • Removed 'cssclass' and 'deschastags' columns from multiple tables to reduce data entry in the management interface.
  • Modified guest checkout to allow account holders to checkout as guests.
  • Fixed MSIE browser issues: Quantity label printing in product multi-add display; Selection list issue on MSIE7 when running XP.
  • Stengthened wording warning against using special characters incategory, product and option identifiers.
  • Modified skins to better handle XHTML in meta tags.
  • Added the ability to name specific form sections for product options.
  • Multiple enhancements to breadcrumbs making them more reliable and useful and the addition of a flag to easily turn them off.
  • Changed core quote mechanizm to better quote strings for LIKE clauses and to quote all input as text.
  • Changed PayPal Website Payments Pro Express Checkout button image.
  • Added security to the account creation section to more positively identify bad email addresses and reject them.
  • Modified the logic for product to category relationships to exactly match categories to products instead of relying on pure LIKE logic.
  • Disabled hover:whatever in the skin scripts.js files for all browsers other than MSIE6 and lower.
  • Added better session management rules to limit the creation of session ids to 32 characters in length. Modified skins to provide noindex, nofollow rules when pages are accessed with an session id in the URL.
  • Modified the core application class to better handle requests for namespaces that do not exist.
  • Modified the core database guided screens to work faster and provide more complete results for non-text columns.
  • Modified the core application class namespace handler to modify the global namespace each time a namespace with a type of CGI is accessed.
  • Modified delete confirmation screens to provide feedback on what is being deleted.
  • Changed the USPS integration to account for recent international shipping package changes.
  • Added support for file downloads using a downloads.php script in place of direct file access. This enables the system to properly handle downloads to mobile phones.
  • Added support for shipments originating in Canada to the FedEx integration.
  • Modified the core file class to provide a quicker copy. The program now attempts a filesystem-based copy then falls back on a PHP-based copy method.
  • Credit card entry fields on payment forms were modified to be text fields (previously they were password fields).
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