ClickCartPro 8 & EuropaCart 8 Update: KRYPT08272012A

A more recent update is available. Please click the link below for more information.

Link: Update KRYPT09082012A

Items Added/Changed In This Update

  • ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 are now classified with a status of STABLE.
  • Added better error handling for processing gateways which require additional PHP modules like SIM and HSBC.
  • Added better error handling to the HSBC gateway to better handle when the mcrypt PHP module is not configured, and cannot be automatically loaded.
  • Adjusted tooltip rendering descriptions for form fields to render tooltips only when enabled, and HTML is not present in the formfield description. A regular description display will be rendered if HTML is present in the description.
  • Modified the management interface to disable stickyscroll JavaScript when the area being scrolled is larger than the window viewing area.
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