ClickCartPro 6 10th Anniversary Sale ENDS SOON

Dear ClickCartPro Users,

We are fast approaching the release of Version 7. To that end, we are also fast approaching the end of the $99 10th Anniversary Special on ClickCartPro 6. If you have not yet taken advantage of this ridiculously low price for this high-powered E-commerce performer, time is running out!

For those of you that are still using older versions of ClickCartPro, you couldn't pick a better time to bring your cart up to speed. As you are aware, versions 1-5 are based on PERL. As the PERL tools continue to age, more and more hosts are simply switching off access to them... thereby effectively shutting down your shopping cart indefinitely. Don't wait until the customers start calling to be proactive here.

Version 6 is completely PHP-based, PCI-compliant, and ready to run for the foreseeable future! And, it will also be a great stepping-stone towards the eventual upgrade to Version 7 when it ships.

Where do you go from this point?

Purchase the Version 6 Full Version here:

ClickCartPro 6 Full Version

Or, purchase the Version 6 Upgrade Version here:

ClickCartPro 6 Upgrade Version

If you're upgrading, follow the upgrade instructions on our Software Wiki here:

ClickCartPro 6 Upgrade Wiki Article

Or, if you would prefer to have us run the upgrade for you, please submit a Level 2 Support Quote Request here:

Custom Shop Upgrade Quote

We'll get you a price on support time. The upgrade is very straightforward for unmodified CCP5.1 sites. If your site has had modifications, don't fret, we have a wonderful Custom Shop and we'd be happy to quote you on upgrading the parts of this process you don't feel comfortable upgrading yourself.

And, when you eventually make the move to ClickCartPro 7, sites that are already running in 6 will have a very easy transition so you'll be able to quickly take advantage of the numerous new features that Version 7 will provide.

Messing with your shopping cart can be a scary proposition. That's why we suggest that you give us a call toll free at 800.704.4160. We'll explain the options, check out your site for you and give you a fair and accurate quote for the quick transformation of your site to one of our new platforms.

We hope that you'll continue to trust Kryptronic for your shopping cart needs. We value your support and we'll do our best to keep you happy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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