New ClickCartPro XMODs Released!

When we decided to build extension modules (XMODs) for ClickCartPro, we did it right. XMODs available for ClickCartPro range from modules that market your site by creating and distributing SiteMaps, to modules that make the customer experience more enjoyable by providing shipping quotes and quicker purchase avenues.

ClickCartPro XMODs install easilly in ClickCartPro. They do not impact the base program and truly extend it. Installation is simple - all you have to do is run the Kryptronic Software Installer to update or install the software. For more information, documentation or to get XMODs for your install, please visit:

More Info: ClickCartPro Extension Modules (XMODs)

Here is a brief overview of the new XMODs:

XMOD SiteMap: XML SiteMap Creator

The SiteMap XMOD for ClickCartPro is an advanced module, which creates a compliant sitemap.xml file and automatically submits it to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. The module also creates a custom page, which includes an HTML formatted sitemap.

XMOD ShipEstimator: Quick Shipping Rates

The ShipEstimator XMOD for ClickCartPro is a module that provides shipping rate quotes on the shopping cart page of the ClickCartPro online store. The shipping rate function used by this XMOD is the same one ClickCartPro uses for checkout - so you're guaranteed correct rates for all types of packages including those shipped using realtime, custom and default methods.

XMOD QuickBuy: Quick Purchase/POS

The QuickBuy XMOD for ClickCartPro is a module that provides a number of elements that can be used to increase online store conversion and/or efficiency. It includes Point-Of-Sale (POS) interface that lists up to 200 products for quick selection and checkout. It also includes a Single-Page-Store (SPS) interface that allows you to build single page stores for your products.

XMOD AutoGC: Auto Gift Certificates

The AutoGC XMOD for ClickCartPro is a module that provides the ability to sell automatically created gift certificates in the ClickCartPro online store. The gift certificates created by this XMOD use the ClickCartPro discount functions to integrate seamlessly with checkout.

XMOD THUB: Connector for T-Hub Software

The THUB XMOD for ClickCartPro is a module that provides realtime two-way interactivity between ClickCartPro and T-HUB software by Atandra (available at T-HUB is a Windows application which integrates with ClickCartPro, USPS, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks.

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